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Simple Solutions + Gourmet Results

Founded in 1949, Vac Pac's mission is to provide our customers with innovative packaging solutions, superior materials, and distinctive service to the food industry. We are Printers and Converters of custom polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, shrink film, laminated film, cellophane, and netting. Whatever your needs may be, you can rely on Vac Pac's commitment to quality and superior customer service to provide you with the "Sure Solution" to your flexible packaging requirements.

Vac Pac specializes in creating value added, convenience based, cook in packaging for both high and low temperature applications.


Vac Pac Introduces New Cook In Thermoforming Film!

In partnership with KM Packaging (UK), Vac Pac is extremely proud to introduce SuperGuard Oven - a dual oven safe, high temperature (400°F), self venting, thermoform film.  SuperGuard Oven allows processors a low cost, automated solution that allows for the creation of value added, portion controlled meal solutions.


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Vac Pac Introduces New Cost Effective Barrier Lidding Film

Vac Pac is proud to introduce a new generation, lightweight, ultra-high performance shrink film for fresh meat and fish producers!

Offering a significant weight saving of around 12 per cent compared to previous materials, the new soft “drum” touch film is thinner (25 microns/100 gauge thickness) without compromising on seal integrity. This ensures high barrier rating with medium shrink properties for outside cut tray sealers.

Suitable for all rigid tray types with PE sealant layers, the film has superior anti-fog performance and offers superb product clarity with good high gloss optics compared with existing films on the market. The new film also has better impact resistance and seals at lower temperatures than competitor products.

Aiming squarely at premium high quality supermarket presentation, where shelf-appeal is essential, the film is designed to have slight edge shrink, meaning a smooth join between lid and tray flanges with no unsightly film overlap. In addition, when sealed, the film does not pull the tray edges together resulting in an improved shelf appearance.

Meets FDA and CFIA requirements for use in food packaging applications.

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