Susceptor technology for superior cooking


Susceptor Features

  • Revolutionary microwave packaging delivery system for all protein-based frozen foods and entrees.
  • Performs just like a microwave Dutch Oven, cooking at 350 degrees, as proteins need.
  • Utilizes steam and microwave susceptor technology.
  • Fast cook times.
  • The microwave susceptor provides a just baked mouth feel.
  • Superior convenience, ease of use, and no cleanup!
  • Unique, low cost packaging solution.
  • Available as printed rollstock for form/fill/seal equipment.

Susceptor technology isn’t just about warming up pre-cooked food. Instead, it allows the consumer to prepare a complete center-of-the-plate protein entrée that is freshly cooked and delicious. Susceptor  packaging focuses the power of your microwave oven, allowing it to function much like a Dutch Oven, cooking frozen chicken, fish or beef and imparting a just baked feel and texture. The sealed pouch also uses the steam inside to keep the meat tender and juicy, while allowing blending of the sauce and vegetables that can be a part of each recipe. This flexible packaging structure is designed to be formed into a microwavable pouch on traditional form fill sealing machines

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